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Since the late 1960's Fred Murphy has been a producer of hybrid seed corn. He started out growing Funk's G-Hybrids on his farm in Funks Grove Township. In 1980 his son, Scott came back to the business after graduating form Illinois Wesleyan University. Throughout the 1980's Scott and Fred continued to add seed related services including detassling, both mechanical and with crews, rogueing, harvesting, and male row removal. They performed these services in several states from Texas to Florida and back to Illinois. At this time they were also producing seed on their 4000 acre farm.

In 1990 Scott added two seed processing plants. This gave them the ability to receive seed stock in the spring and return a finished product to their clients. For over a decade they provided services to many companies that need outsource production and individual services. As companies merged, facilities closed, and production areas shifted to irrigated acres; Murphy's business focus shifted as well.
They got involved with used equipment sales when they purchased the corn production assets from a local seed plant that was being converted to a soybean seed facility. That venture was successful enough that they purchased the assets from a second plant owned by the same company that was also being converted to soybean seed processing. Those assets were sold at auction that April. Since then they have had an annual seed equipment consignment auction in the spring up to 1994.

Now they have purchased the former Mycogen facility in Lexington, Illinois. The acquisition of this plant has increased not only the equipment inventory but has given them over 60,000 square feet to warehouse equipment in. By acquiring this plant they have solidified their full time commitment to the used seed equipment business. The construction of this website demonstrates their commitment to the success of this venture.

Companies with excess assets to sell, from a single detasslers to an entire facility with including equipment and real estate they now look to Scott Murphy and Associates. There they find an offer on all their excess assets in one place instead of trying to dispose of it piecemeal.
Buyers also find Scott Murphy and Associates as a one stop shopping center for all their needs. The extensive network of contacts established through out the years of servicing the seed industry make it possible for them to find equipment for those in need, even when it is not in their inventory.


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