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Scott Murphy


After graduation from Illinois Wesleyan University in 1980, Scott returned to the farm. There he expanded their involvement in the seed industry. During the 1990’s Scott operated two seed drying facilities as well as coordinating de-tassling crews and sub-contractors. As the 90’s ended seed acres shifted away from central Illinois to irrigated areas. Scott then shifted their business focus from seed production to the sale of used seed equipment. In 2003 Scott purchased the former Cargill facility in Lexington Illinois and phased out much of the farming operation. Today the company markets equipment in 27 countries.


Tom Braid

Shop Foreman

Tom grew up in McLean Illinois and attended the University of Wyoming. He has been active in agriculture and particularly seed since the 1970’s. He has fulfilled roles in seed sales, production, and contracting. Today he acts as shop foreman and coordinates all shipping. With over 40 years of experience in all aspects of the seed industry, Tom is a valuable asset to the company.


Scott Hacker


Scott was born on a farm in suburban Chicago. Urban sprawl consumed the family farm. His family moved to Lexington in 1998. Scott has attended Lake Land John Deere Tech and is our top mechanic. Though Scott’s experience in the seed industry is limited, he has quickly come to understand the workings of the industry. His abilities to contribute have made him a valuable part of our team.


Mark Smith


Mark graduated from Normal Community High School. After graduation Mark went to work in the seed industry, working for Funk’s Seeds, Asgrow, and Pioneer. For 6-7 years mark hauled seasonally needed seed machinery back and forth to Mexico. He has worked with Murphy’s on and off for over 20 years. Mark is a jack of all trades in the operation and specializes in the removal and refurbishing of used seed equipment.



Office Manager

Brandy joined our team in 2017. Brandy handles all billing, payroll, invoices, and all other front office needs. 

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